Other services

Americanizing or Anglicising of English

Altering British English grammar and spelling (i.e. behaviour, colour) to American English (behavior, color) and vice versa.


Sourcing and gathering permission to use material, such as figures, tables and quotes, from third parties, including publishers, organisations and authors.

Editing English as a foreign language

English has the largest vocabulary of any language so it can be hard for the non-native speaker to know which style or form of English to adopt.
We will edit any work that has been translated into English from a foreign language, or that has been written by a non-native English speaker.

Project management

Full management of editorial services on behalf of publishers; from the submission of a manuscript to final print files.


Sourcing and commissioning new book, journal and electronic content for publishers.


Our native English speaking translators are proficient in translation from or into French and Italian.